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Ochoa Genealogy & History

Ochoa is a Spanish surname, coming from the Basque word for wolf, otsoa or otxoa, and originally used as a given name, particularly as a woman's name, Ochanda. The proper Spanish equivalent is Lopez, which has the standard -ez suffix denoting patronymy that is missing from Ochoa even though it is also a patronymic. Ochoa family history starts in Basque country but spread from there into the rest of Iberia and the Spanish and Portuguese colonies in North and South American. Some notable members of Ochoa genealogy are Nobel laureate in physiology Severo Ochoa, astronaut Ellen Ochoa, and Cuban General Arnaldo Ochoa.

Ochoa Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Ochoa-- --, 1951June 12,1990TX
Baldemar Ochoa-- --, 1939January 19,1993TX
C Jesus Ochoa-- --, 1922June 10,1996CA
Dale Ochoa-- --, 1908January ,1978NC

Ochoa Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Ochoa-- --, 1925April 28,2005Newark,CA
Fabiola Ochoa-- --, 1936June 25,2009Jackson Heights,NY
Gabino Ochoa-- --, 1910May ,1982Chicago,IL
Harold Ochoa-- --, 1928June 26,1995Elizabeth,NJ

Ochoa Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Carlos OchoaNorah MccannJanuary 19,1970Wake, NC
Gerardo OchoaRosalia DuranMarch 17,1998Wake, NC
Manuel OchoaYolanda OchoaDecember 8,1986Wake, NC
Pizzali OchoaPatricia NadeauMay 2,2008Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Ochoa

1715th: Van Dyke1716th: Smiley
1717th: Dutton1718th: Rader
1719th: Darnell1720th: Penn
1721st: Humphries1722nd: Flood
1723rd: Huston1724th: Bryson

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