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Oldham Genealogy & History

Oldham is an English locational surname from the town of Oldham in Lancashire, whose name comes from the Old English eald, meaning old, and Norse holmr, for lands, referring to an area that had been in use for quite some time. Oldham family history begins in 1218, when Achard de Aldeham was enrolled in the Feet of Fines of Kent County. Oldham genealogy boasts of a few interesting members, such as Cardinals and Steelers cornerback Chris Oldham and Confederate Texas Senator William Oldham.

Oldham Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Oldham-- --, 1926May 20,2004NC
Babetta Oldham-- --, 1926January 9,2001GA
Calvin Oldham-- --, 1902July ,1977FL
D Raymond Oldham-- --, 1915August 26,1999TX

Oldham Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Earl Oldham-- --, 1918January 13,1998High Point,NC
Faith Oldham-- --, 1915June 24,2005Nantucket,MA
Gail Oldham-- --, 1919September 14,2001Kennett,MO
Halcyon Oldham-- --, 1908June ,1987San Francisco,CA

Oldham Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brian OldhamAngela BegleyJuly 26,2008Wake, NC
Charlie OldhamMamie CampbellJuly 30,1933Wake, NC
Guilford OldhamEmily ScottMarch 25,1939Wake, NC
Herbert OldhamHelen WoodliefApril 28,1951Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Oldham

2225th: Millard2226th: Krieger
2227th: Valenzuela2228th: Wiles
2229th: Melendez2230th: Steen
2231st: Lytle2232nd: Minton
2233rd: Baca2234th: Edmondson

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