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Ortega Genealogy & History

Ortega is a Spanish and Portuguese surname, largely locational from several villages in north-central Spain. It may ultimately descend from the Latin urtica, meaning nettles, which were harvested for their medicinal value; however, hortus is Latin for an orchard or garden, which would make about as much sense given the agricultural fecundity of northern Spain. Ortega family history begins with Phelpa de Ortega, who was christened at Santa Maria Magdalena in Vallodolid in early 1570. Ortega genealogy boasts several well-known people, such as Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, producer and director Kenneth Ortega, and Yucatan Governor Ivonne Ortega.

Ortega Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Prax Ortega-- --, 1915December 11,1996CO
Bacilio Ortega-- --, 1933April 10,2003MI
Calixta Ortega-- --, 1925February 16,2009NJ
Dagoberto Ortega-- --, 1965April 8,2001CA

Ortega Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eddie Ortega-- --, 1939October 24,2006Salt Lake City,UT
Fabiana Ortega-- --, 1900January 9,1997Manati,PR
Gabino Ortega-- --, 1926September 5,2009El Monte,CA
Hannibal Ortega-- --, 1919October 3,1992Albuquerque,NM

Ortega Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Fernandez OrtegaAshley PerezJanuary 22,2008Wake, NC
Hernandez OrtegaAguilar GonzalezFebruary 15,2008Wake, NC
Isaias OrtegaPerlita RomeroFebruary 14,2000Dallas, TX
Leandro OrtegaJuanita GuerraMarch 6,2000Bexar, TX

Most Common Surnames After Ortega

962nd: Law963rd: Ritchie
964th: Craft965th: Padilla
966th: Costa967th: Hastings
968th: Lin969th: Downing
970th: Kidd971st: Key

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