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Ortiz Genealogy & History

Ortiz, like a few Spanish and Portuguese surnames, likely comes from the Latin given name Fortunio, which means fortunate´┐Żan auspicious name, so we can deduce that it was probably popular even without surviving records from Spain, unlike England´┐Żalong with the Iberian patronymic suffix -iz, likely meaning either fortunate son or son of the fortunate one. It was first found in Asturias, and Ortiz family history journeys to the New World with Francisco Ortiz, who sailed to Nicaragua in 1560. Ortiz genealogy includes several renowned people, like Olympic track and field medalist Hector Herrera Ortiz, Argentinian President Roberto Ortiz, and Tlaxcala Governor Hector Ortiz Ortiz.

Ortiz Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Ortiz-- --, 1915June 23,1988TX
Bacilio Ortiz-- --, 1918January ,1985TX
Caledonio Ortiz-- --, 1922October ,1984PR
Dagmar Ortiz-- --, 1950September 5,1999WI

Ortiz Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earlene Ortiz-- --, 1925September 10,2002Tehachapi,CA
Fabian Ortiz-- --, 1912March 19,1992Lebanon,MO
Gabina Ortiz-- --, 1924September 20,1997San Antonio,TX
Harold Ortiz-- --, 1968September ,1985Brooklyn,NY

Ortiz Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Agustin OrtizShauna SearsOctober 10,2004Wake, NC
Curtis OrtizJody VelaApril 28,1984Wake, NC
Espiritu OrtizGuzman SantiagoMay 31,2008Wake, NC
Rene OrtizTheresa AnastasioDecember 3,1942Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Ortiz

365th: Barton366th: Dennis
367th: Love368th: Casey
369th: Gutierrez370th: Rodgers
371st: Garner372nd: French
373rd: Morales374th: Wong

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