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Osborne is a true Viking name, coming from the Norse "Asbiorn", a compound of "as", meaning god, and "bjorn", meaning bear. Vikings favored names that indicated strength. The Osborne motto is "Peace in war". Written Osborne family history begins with Henry Osbern in 1260. Thomas Osborne settled in Virginia in 1619, becoming the first Osborne in the New World. Members of Osborne genealogy include professional wrestler Matt Osborne, darts player Colin Osborne, comedian Super Dave Osborne; guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Roger "Buzz" Osborne; musician, songwriter, and lyricist Jeffrey Osborne; and Adam Osborne, creator of the first commercially available portable computer.

Osborne Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jane Osborne-- --, 1920May 13,2000CA
B Sam Osborne-- --, 1920December 1,2008VA
C Wayne Osborne-- --, 1918February 21,2005OR
D Gail Osborne-- --, 1921March 28,2007IL

Osborne Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Alfred Osborne-- --, 1928May 14,2003Derby,NY
F Faye Osborne-- --, 1932January 22,1999Halifax,VA
G Dale Osborne-- --, 1919April 25,1988Indianapolis,IN
H & Osborne-- --, 1878October ,1971Lebanon,KY

Osborne Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Barney OsborneAlice MitchellAugust 28,1962Wake, NC
Richard OsborneDancy CarloughOctober 7,1958Wake, NC
Paul OsborneMarcia PierceOctober 28,1960Wake, NC
Leroy OsborneBettina BeckwithJanuary 12,1968Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Osborne

401st: Marsh402nd: Clarke
403rd: Townsend404th: Buchanan
405th: Cannon406th: Curry
407th: Malone408th: Hess
409th: Mullins410th: Hogan

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