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Pace Genealogy & History

Pace is an English surname, with two main origins. First, it was used as a nickname for generally calm and well-behaved people, from the Norman French and Middle English pace or pece, which come from the Latin pax, meaning peace or friendliness. Second, it might be related to the name Pash or Paske, which are associated with Easter. Pace family history starts with John Pais, noted in the Register of Freemen of Leicester in 1219. Well-known members of Pace genealogy include Truman Army Secretary Frank Pace, Air Force General and Bush Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Peter Pace, and former Time Warner CFO Wayne Pace.

Pace Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Fred Pace-- --, 1920January 5,2000RI
Brenda Pace-- --, 1956August 5,2010KY
Caesar Pace-- --, 1905June 27,1995VA
D Carlton Pace-- --, 1922October 14,2008TN

Pace Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Glenn Pace-- --, 1925April 15,2006Cocoa,FL
Fabe Pace-- --, 1927July 27,2000Gilmer,TX
G Coleen Pace-- --, 1930May 7,2005Tulsa,OK
H Lamar Pace-- --, 1933February 8,2001Marietta,GA

Pace Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anwar PaceStephanie SmithJune 23,2000Wake, NC
Bobby PacePhoebe WilliamsJune 21,1952Wake, NC
Curtis PaceElla BarnesAugust 4,1951Wake, NC
David PaceJewel HinnantDecember 23,1934Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Pace

721st: Shapiro722nd: Braun
723rd: Bullock724th: McKay
725th: Clements726th: Clay
727th: Irwin728th: Ellison
729th: Hays730th: Baird

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