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Pacheco Genealogy & History

Pacheco has its roots in pre-fifth-century Rome. It stems from the French Franciscus, an ethnic name meaning a free man or, later, a free man. Because of the 12th-century St. Francis of Assisi, the name became very popular. It was even associated with the Knights Templar. Pacheco family history has Hugo Francus in the register of Oseney Abbey in Oxfordshire, England, as the first known recording in 1135. Noteworthy Pacheco genealogy members include three former Latin American presidents: Abel Pacheco of Costa Rica, Gregorio Pacheco of Bolivia, and Jorge Pacheco Areco of Uruguay. Pacheco is the former name of Ignacio, California.

Pacheco Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A John Pacheco-- --, 1913May ,1980MA
B Eleanor Pacheco-- --, 1921November 18,2009RI
C George Pacheco-- --, 1923December ,1982MA
Dagoberto Pacheco-- --, 1959November 17,2000FL

Pacheco Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Chris Pacheco-- --, 1914March 1,1991Blanco,NM
Fabian Pacheco-- --, 1900October ,1967Pleasanton,TX
Gabriel Pacheco-- --, 1923March ,1980Dennis Port,MA
Hallie Pacheco-- --, 1909June ,1984Newark,NJ

Pacheco Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Angelo PachecoJoan KeeganSeptember 2,1961Wake, NC
Kenneth PachecoCasey BalduzziApril 12,2003Wake, NC
Modesto PachecoGuardian IbarraMay 21,2008Wake, NC
Zenardo PachecoMaria CalvilloAugust 31,1982Webb, TX

Most Common Surnames After Pacheco

1253rd: Blanton1254th: Paulson
1255th: Stratton1256th: Gagnon
1257th: Metzger1258th: Teague
1259th: Bowles1260th: Voss
1261st: Akers1262nd: Shah

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