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Padilla Genealogy & History

Padilla is a Spanish and Portuguese name, also spelled Padillo. It comes from several villages named such in north-central Spain, which were originally built in low-lying areas. The word comes from the Latin patella, meaning a sauce or bread pan, which would match the building sites described above, particularly if they were in very warm climates or an allegorical reference to Hell. Padilla family history begins with Ysabella de Padillo, christened at Nuestra Senora de la Antigua in Vallodolid in fall 1552. Padilla genealogy marks among its members Guantanamo prisoner Jose Padilla, Bolivian General and President David Padilla, and Cuban poet Heberto Padilla.

Padilla Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abdon Padilla-- --, 1913September 28,1993NY
Balbino Padilla-- --, 1909October ,1977NY
Caesar Padilla-- --, 1971November 15,1995NM
Dagny Padilla-- --, 1920November 8,2007MN

Padilla Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jane Padilla-- --, 1927June 5,1993Miami,FL
Fabia Padilla-- --, 1886November ,1978Santa Fe,NM
Gabe Padilla-- --, 1938March 26,2007Las Vegas,NV
Harold Padilla-- --, 1938April 5,2010Kihei,HI

Padilla Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arturo PadillaCatherine RattiAugust 31,1965Wake, NC
Henry PadillaStefania VegaDecember 23,2003Wake, NC
Scott PadillaSusanne TimmMay 1,2004Wake, NC
Leonel PadillaTomasa CamposMay 25,2000Waller, TX

Most Common Surnames After Padilla

966th: Costa967th: Hastings
968th: Lin969th: Downing
970th: Kidd971st: Key
972nd: Rankin973rd: Childers
974th: Liu975th: Tuttle

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