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Paulsen Genealogy & History

Paulsen is an English and Scandinavian patronymic surname, from the Latin paulus, meaning small, a nickname often used for short people´┐Żor, of course, large ones, considering the medieval sense of humor. As a biblical name, it became much more common during and after the Crusades, when many warriors took new names to reflect the endeavor. Paulsen family history starts in 1292, when John Paul was noted in the Subsidy Rolls of London. Paulsen genealogy includes Ferring Pharmaceuticals founder Frederik Paulsen and Entertainment Industry Foundation President and CEO Lisa Paulsen.

Paulsen Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Herman Paulsen-- --, 1905March ,1991CT
B Regnar Paulsen-- --, 1915August 3,1994CA
Camille Paulsen-- --, 1911February 7,1999CA
Dagmar Paulsen-- --, 1906November 23,1995IA

Paulsen Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Paulsen-- --, 1917April 15,1997Philadelphia,PA
Faith Ann Paulsen-- --, 1942November ,1981Garner,IA
Gaige Paulsen-- --, 1905January ,1993Athens,OH
H Dean Paulsen-- --, 1910January ,1983Lake View,IA

Paulsen Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Edward PaulsenStephanie ClarkAugust 27,2001Sabine, TX
Tyrone PaulsenChristie MontgomeryApril 28,2001Hays, TX
Fred PaulsenAnna PalmerJanuary 5,1963Los Angeles, CA
Zachary PaulsenLindsey ArmsMay 24,2008Fort Bend, TX

Most Common Surnames After Paulsen

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2242nd: Boykin2243rd: Dykes
2244th: Roark2245th: Bollinger
2246th: Addison2247th: Westfall
2248th: Parham2249th: Elias

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