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Peacock Genealogy & History

Peacock stems from the pre-seventh-century word peacock, an occupational name for someone who raises peacocks or someone who takes exceptional care and pride in his appearance. Some other spellings of the name are Peacocke, Pacock, Pocock, and Peecock. Peacock family history shows one of the earliest recordings of the name as Richard Pocok in 1225 in the Assize Court Rolls of Somerset. The ancestral home is found in Durham. Noteworthy Peacock genealogy members are poet Molly Peacock, English character actor Trevor Peacock, English folklore collector Mable Peacock, first female Parliament member Victoria Mille Peacock, and contemporary Christian musician Charlie Peacock.

Peacock Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Clarkson Peacock-- --, 1917November 22,2000IN
Barbara Peacock-- --, 1908November ,1991PA
C Hudson Peacock-- --, 1918August 7,1996NC
D Vance Peacock-- --, 1935December 16,2006IL

Peacock Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Virginia Peacock-- --, 1924October 8,2004Dallas,TX
F Edward Peacock-- --, 1919February 26,2008Itasca,IL
Gafford Peacock-- --, 1917February ,1979Troy,AL
H Reg Peacock-- --, 1916April 2,2006Windsor,CA

Peacock Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur PeacockMary OkelleyJuly 2,1937Wake, NC
Bobby PeacockDoris KirbyJune 21,1957Wake, NC
Dan PeacockAnnie NordanJuly 21,1936Wake, NC
Frank PeacockRebecca OnealAugust 11,1945Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Peacock

1351st: Miner1352nd: Avila
1353rd: Connors1354th: Ernst
1355th: Milligan1356th: Washburn
1357th: Colvin1358th: Billings
1359th: Barnard1360th: Burger

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