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Pedersen Genealogy & History

Pedersen is a Danish patronymic surname, originally from the Greek Petros, meaning rock. Petros (or Peter) was also the name of the first Pope and thus a popular Christian name ever after. It became even more common during and after the Crusaders, when those warriors and their relatives sometimes took new names to reflect their religious activity. Pedersen family history begins with Ralph Peter, added to the Pipe Rolls of Hertford County in 1195. Some famous members of Pedersen genealogy are Olympic New Zealand yachting medalist Helmer Pederson, prolific weapon designer John Pedersen, Danish linguist Holger Pedersen, and Danish Imam Abdul Wahid Pedersen.

Pedersen Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lathair Pedersen-- --, 1915September 26,1997UT
Baard Pedersen-- --, 1889May ,1969MT
C Robert Pedersen-- --, 1921December 1,2006IA
Dagmar Pedersen-- --, 1903February ,1980MA

Pedersen Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Alvin Pedersen-- --, 1916July 12,1991Waco,TX
Faith Pedersen-- --, 1925March 11,2006Chiloquin,OR
G Edith Pedersen-- --, 1921February 16,2010Kennewick,WA
H Clyde Pedersen-- --, 1931March 12,2008Marshall,MN

Pedersen Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
David PedersenRhonda PowellOctober 4,2003Wake, NC
James PedersenJacquelyn StanleyNovember 4,1967Wake, NC
Richard PedersenWendy BothwellOctober 12,1985Wake, NC
William PedersenCaroline FissingerMay 30,2004Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Pedersen

1280th: Davison1281st: Painter
1282nd: Reece1283rd: Hand
1284th: Swain1285th: Hinkle
1286th: Whitfield1287th: Tillman
1288th: Jacobsen1289th: Griggs

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