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Pereira Genealogy & History

Pereira is an occupational and/or locational name derived from the Latin pirum, meaning someone who lived near or worked in an orchard or who is a seller of fruits. The family crest is a silver cross with fleur-de-lis-shaped ends between a pair of wings. Pereira family history mentions Osbert Pere as the first known recording of the name in 1230 in the Pipe Rolls of Buckinghamshire, England. Some members of the Pereira genealogy are television host and poet Sam Pereira and Journey vocalist Stephen Ray (Steve Perry) Pereira.

Pereira Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abe Pereira-- --, 1923January 26,2004CA
B Lucretia Pereira-- --, 1919January 15,2007CA
Cacilda Pereira-- --, 1932September ,1982NJ
Dalva Pereira-- --, 1929May 15,2009NY

Pereira Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Pereira-- --, 1919March ,1984Martinez,CA
Fabiana Pereira-- --, 1923March ,1996Rochester,NY
Gabriel Pereira-- --, 1900December ,1968Bronx,NY
Hal Pereira-- --, 1905December ,1983Los Angeles,CA

Pereira Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Belmiro PereiraAdozinda MonteiroNovember 20,1967Wake, NC
Manuel PereiraGloria ManeyJune 20,1967Wake, NC
Luis PereiraBeneta FamilamirMay 28,2004Wake, NC
Ismar PereiraAmanda AnthisJanuary 14,2002Tarrant, TX

Most Common Surnames After Pereira

2096th: Weldon2097th: Barrera
2098th: Fairchild2099th: Easley
2100th: Cohn2101st: Emmons
2102nd: Pickens2103rd: Belanger
2104th: Rosa2105th: Boles

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