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Pettit Genealogy & History

Pettit comes from the Old French word petit, which means small. It likely originated as a nickname given to a small person or perhaps to the younger or smaller of two people with the same first name. Pettit family history is first recorded with one Aluric Petit (an alternate spelling), who lived in Hampshire in 1086; early Pettits were also found in Kent, England, and Bourgogne, France. Pettit genealogy in America began with Anne Pettit, who moved to Salem, Massachusetts, in 1630, and includes chemical engineer and astronaut Donald Pettit. The Pettit coat of arms is a red lion on a silver shield.

Pettit Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jean Pettit-- --, 1921July 7,1998IN
Barbara Pettit-- --, 1954September 3,2007PA
Cal Pettit-- --, 1902August ,1970GA
D Pearl Pettit-- --, 1917January ,1994MI

Pettit Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Alan Pettit-- --, 1915April 14,2003Fairfield,CA
F Michael Pettit-- --, 1926February 20,1991Saint Michael,MN
Gabrielle Pettit-- --, 1905August ,1983Zanesville,OH
Hale Pettit-- --, 1964November 10,1998Lexington,KY

Pettit Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron PettitMaria PintoJune 30,2000Tarrant, TX
Brian PettitChristine HudspethFebruary 26,2000Travis, TX
Christopher PettitKatharine McchesneySeptember 16,2006Wake, NC
Gabriel PettitPamela MessengerNovember 8,2002Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Pettit

1480th: Schreiber1481st: McCollum
1482nd: Hurd1483rd: Rudolph
1484th: Duvall1485th: Ramey
1486th: Wiseman1487th: Carlisle
1488th: Corcoran1489th: Amos

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