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Petty has a medieval Anglo-Norman origin. Many variants exist, including Petyt, Pettey, Petty, Pettie, Pe(t)it, Petyt, Pettitt, Pittet, Pettie, Pety, and Petie. Petty comes from the French "petit", which means small or young. Petty family history finds the first recording of the name as William Petie in the 1198 Feet of Fines of Nottinghamshire. Noteworthy in Petty genealogy are the NASCAR Petty family, including Lee, son Richard, and grandson Kyle, and great-grandson Adam; rock musician and songwriter Tom Petty; Australian political satirist and cartoonist Bruce Petty; musician, songwriter, and record producer Norman Petty; and actress Lori Petty.

Petty Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Brooks Petty-- --, 1912February 25,1995NC
B Glen Petty-- --, 1930January 20,1999UT
C Melville Petty-- --, 1913April 4,2000CA
Dagna Petty-- --, 1899February ,1970UT

Petty Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Petty-- --, 1893January ,1969Terre Haute,IN
F Jean Petty-- --, 1927August 10,2007Cathedral City,CA
Gail Petty-- --, 1945July 21,2004Fredericksburg,VA
H Irene Petty-- --, 1922March ,1986Centerville,IN

Petty Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony PettyCarolyn McginnisApril 17,1993Wake, NC
Christopher PettyJennifer YatesOctober 14,1995Wake, NC
Daniel PettyElinor LaneJune 30,1932Wake, NC
Eric PettyStephanie SmithJuly 14,2007Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Petty

893rd: Camp894th: Guzman
895th: McGowan896th: Slater
897th: Hartley898th: Mays
899th: Hickey900th: Mosley
901st: Odell902nd: Siegel

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