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Pitts Genealogy & History

Pitts is an Old English patronymic that comes from the pre-7th-century word "pytt", a hollow, a pit, or any low-lying area that was like a hollow. The name was given to someone who lived near one of these. Variations include Pyts, Pitson, Pitte, Pett, and Puetter. The family motto is "free through difficulties". Pitts family history has the first known record of the name as Geruase de la Puette in the Pipe Rolls of Sussex of 1182. Pitts genealogy American suffragette Helen Pitts, aerobatic biplane designer Curtis Pitts, White House barber Milton Pitts, and actress ZaSu Pitts.

Pitts Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jack Pitts-- --, 1930March 2,2001IL
B Randolph Pitts-- --, 1919January 1,2000MO
C Edward Pitts-- --, 1915August 20,2005AL
Dafferneez Pitts-- --, 1922September 4,1989GA

Pitts Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Juanita Pitts-- --, 1924October 31,2004Kingwood,TX
Fabiola Pitts-- --, 1906March ,1973Katy,TX
Gail Pitts-- --, 1955June 11,1996West Palm Beach,FL
H Douglas Pitts-- --, 1926May 20,2000Henrico,VA

Pitts Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dennis PittsMarcia PowellFebruary 24,1979Wake, NC
Herman PittsChristina JudkinsDecember 10,1943Wake, NC
John PittsDorothy BrooksMay 30,1961Wake, NC
Larry PittsLois WhitmanOctober 16,1971Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Pitts

636th: McMahon637th: Henson
638th: Weeks639th: Flowers
640th: Gillespie641st: Buckley
642nd: Roach643rd: Solomon
644th: Frost645th: Kemp

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