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Pool Genealogy & History

The surname Pool is common in England, Ireland, and Germany and has several possible origins. It can be a topographical name referring to someone who lived near a body of water, an occupational name referring to someone who worked on or near such a body, a locational name for a person from one of several villages or towns named Poole, or a patronymic derived from the Latin name Paul. Pool family history lists the first recorded instance of this surname as belonging to Mauritius de la Pole in 1176 in Devonshire. The family motto given in Pool genealogy is pollet virtus, which means virtue excels.

Pool Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Marie Pool-- --, 1925September 1,2009TX
Bailey Pool-- --, 1894December ,1973VA
Cal Pool-- --, 1906February 4,1999OK
Daisy Pool-- --, 1937November 4,1997IL

Pool Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Pool-- --, 1918March 10,2007Chester,VA
Fae Pool-- --, 1901February ,1976Las Vegas,NV
G Maxine Pool-- --, 1917November 30,1987Coeur D Alene,ID
H Jason Pool-- --, 1926March 7,1989Tulare,CA

Pool Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert PoolAldine BarnesJanuary 17,1938Wake, NC
Charles PoolMallissie EllenMarch 10,1936Wake, NC
David PoolMamie CottonApril 2,1938Wake, NC
Henry PoolMary YoungAugust 27,1932Wake, NC

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