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Potts Genealogy & History

Potts is an English surname, a shortened form of Philpott, which itself is a diminutive of Philip, from the Greek Philippos, meaning lover of horses. It can also be topographical, for someone living near a depression in the ground, or pot in Middle English and pott in Old English. Lastly, it can be locational, since some places were named after those sunken spots. Potts family history enters the books with Godwin Pot, noted in the Book of Winton in Hampshire, dated 1115. Potts genealogy boasts several renowned persons, such as Union General and Montana Governor Benjamin Potts, General William Potts, and British musician Paul Potts.

Potts Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Priscill Potts-- --, 1920July 17,1990NY
B Noreen Potts-- --, 1929November 19,1995MI
C Harris Potts-- --, 1894October ,1986CA
D Leo Potts-- --, 1915December 26,2001PA

Potts Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Alwilda Potts-- --, 1884October ,1974York,PA
F Gertrude Potts-- --, 1924December 14,2005Amarillo,TX
G Curt Potts-- --, 1923June 18,2005Nampa,ID
H Alton Potts-- --, 1919November 16,1992Newnan,GA

Potts Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dennis PottsJean LetcherJune 3,2006Wake, NC
Elmer PottsBette KoehlerMarch 7,1942Wake, NC
Victor PottsJana ThompsonMarch 31,2001Hardin, TX
Zachary PottsStephanee RutledgeJune 3,2000Hays, TX

Most Common Surnames After Potts

763rd: Dodson764th: Stanton
765th: Vogel766th: Ritter
767th: Fritz768th: Valdez
769th: Giles770th: Herring
771st: Lutz772nd: Good

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