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Powers is an English surname with English and French origins. As a French surname, it is locational, from the Old French Pohier, denoting a resident of Pois, a village in Picardy; the place was so called because of its well-stocked rivers, as the Old French word for fish is pois. Second, it comes somewhat more confusingly from the Middle English and Old French povre/poure, meaning poor, used for people who didn't have any money, or those who were reluctant to spend it. Powers family history enters the books with Drogo Poher, enrolled in the Ancient Charters of Gloucestershire in 1127. Powers genealogy boasts several well-known people, like Cold War pilot Gary Powers, Olymic volleyball medalist Patrick Powers, and science fiction author Tim Powers.

Powers Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Curtis Powers-- --, 1916October 10,2006FL
B Marlene Powers-- --, 1941December ,1982PA
C Allen Powers-- --, 1929December 5,2009WA
D F Powers-- --, 1913June ,1980RI

Powers Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Berniece Powers-- --, 1918August 12,2003Fenton,MO
F Dwayne Powers-- --, 1926May 1,2000Manson,IA
G Elwood Powers-- --, 1920June 24,2007New Castle,DE
H B Powers-- --, 1929May 10,2000Shafter,CA

Powers Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Frank PowersNancy BowenOctober 26,1996Wake, NC
John PowersElise HedrickMarch 25,1939Wake, NC
Harry PowersEmmi ZuberJune 7,1947Wake, NC
Ralph PowersRuby JohnsonMay 19,1950Wake, NC

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250th: Leonard251st: Hopkins
252nd: Sims253rd: McCarthy
254th: Lucas255th: Craig
256th: Gonzales257th: Lambert

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