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Pratt Genealogy & History

Pratt is an English occupational surname, from the Old English praett, which means trick, indicating that it was used for magicians or conjurors, and possibly also for people with a reputation for deceit or fraud, making it a nickname as well. Pratt family history begins with Wilfric Prat, entered in the Suffolk County Seals Register in 1779, while the name traveled to the New World in 1635, when Thomas Pratt sailed to Virginia from England, most likely out of London. Pratt genealogy includes some famous people, such as WWII General Don Pratt, Admiral William Pratt, and former Pfizer chairman Edmund Pratt.

Pratt Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Ann Pratt-- --, 1918June ,1984MA
Badelia Pratt-- --, 1911March 19,2001IN
C Beatrice Pratt-- --, 1924August 15,2000CA
D Javine Pratt-- --, 1927October 10,2007MO

Pratt Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dale Pratt-- --, 1922October 11,1999Centralia,WA
F June Pratt-- --, 1929October 16,1988Apache Junction,AZ
Gabriel Pratt-- --, 1963July ,1986Mount Pocono,PA
H Edmond Pratt-- --, 1902May 11,1995Watseka,IL

Pratt Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles PrattMary ThomasFebruary 22,1947Wake, NC
Dan PrattJennie SikesMay 23,1987Wake, NC
Gordon PrattClellie WiggsDecember 21,1946Wake, NC
James PrattLeena LunsfordJanuary 11,1950Wake, NC

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434th: Berg435th: Pope
436th: Cain437th: Cochran
438th: Hoover439th: Wall
440th: Bryan441st: McBride

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