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Presley Genealogy & History

Presley stems from the pre-seventh-century Old English preost (priest) and leah, indicating a wooded area belonging to the church. Some other spellings are Priestley, Pressley, Presslie, Presslee, Preistley, and Prisley. Their motto is regard the end, and their crest is a silver cockatrice with a broken spearhead in its mouth standing on the broken spear. Presley family history has Samson de Presteleia as the first known recording of the name in the Pipe Rolls of Bedfordshire, England, in 1198. Several members of Presley genealogy are FIBT world championship gold medalist bobsledder Gerald Presley; poet and comedian Hovis Presley; and telecommunications entrepreneur and Slingshot co-founder Annette Sylvia Presley.

Presley Birth Records

Name Birth Date Death Date Location
Aaron P. -- --, 1940 July 11,2003 RI
Bane P. -- --, 1918 August 2,2003 MO
C Ray P. -- --, 1923 February 14,2000 MS
Dacie P. -- --, 1882 April 15,1969 OK

Presley Death Records

Name Birth Date Death Date Location
Eack P. -- --, 1906 August ,1987 Finley,TN
Fannie P. -- --, 1919 July ,1995 Atlanta,GA
Gabe P. -- --, 1905 March ,1981 Oakland,CA
Hallie P. -- --, 1917 August 13,1994 Iron Mountain,MI

Presley Marriage Records

Name Spouse Marriage Date Location
Anthony P. Traci Whitehead May 17,2003 Tarrant, TX
Gladdin P. Amie Robinson September 14,2001 Gregg, TX
John P. Randi Ramberg August 8,1966 Wake, NC
Richard P. Doris Rhodes February 28,1969 Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Presley

1968th: Hayward 1969th: Grubb
1970th: Boudreaux 1971st: Dickens
1972nd: Burdick 1973rd: Arnett
1974th: Renner 1975th: Bartholomew
1976th: Mercado 1977th: Heck

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