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Preston Genealogy & History

Preston is an English locational name, from many places carrying the name in England, particularly in Lancashire. It comes from the Old English compound preost, meaning priest, and tun, for an enclosure or settlement, meaning either a village with a priest or one owned by the church. Preston family history enters the books with Peter de Preston, noted in the Records of the Knight Templars in 12th-century England in 1185. Preston genealogy includes a few well-known people, like United Fruit Company founder Andrew Preston, Confederate General John Preston, actor Robert Preston, and former Chargers linebacker Ray Preston.

Preston Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Preston-- --, 1894May ,1975GA
B Thomas Preston-- --, 1923September 18,1996ME
C Elaine Preston-- --, 1925June 21,1990WI
D Lloyd Preston-- --, 1927April 9,2004OK

Preston Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Evelyn Preston-- --, 1919May 31,2010Leitchfield,KY
Fabian Preston-- --, 1913February ,1984Warrensburg,NY
Gail Preston-- --, 1953November ,1985Wildwood,NJ
H Grant Preston-- --, 1923July 23,1991Fort Pierce,FL

Preston Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
David PrestonKathy TrueloveDecember 16,1989Wake, NC
Edwin PrestonDorothy KnottSeptember 11,1954Wake, NC
Michael PrestonEllen HardingApril 10,1972Wake, NC
Kenneth PrestonStephanie BeagleyMay 27,2000Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Preston

617th: Mathis618th: Krueger
619th: Gould620th: Merritt
621st: McCullough622nd: Vance
623rd: Mahoney624th: Small
625th: Gilmore626th: Hurst

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