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Purvis Genealogy & History

Purvis is an English and Scottish name and a significant border name, found in the adjoining counties of each kingdom. It comes from the Middle English purveys, meaning supplies, from the Old French purveyen, to supply, and ultimately the Latin providens, to see ahead. It was used as an occupational surname for people responsible for procuring provisions for a noble or religious house. Purvis family history starts in 1214 with William Purveys in the Book of St. Mary�s at Melrose. Some members of Purvis genealogy are FBI agent Melvin Purvis, abolitionist and Underground Railroad stationmaster Robert Purvis, and Hawaii sugar and macadamia nut magnate William Purvis.

Purvis Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Larvell Purvis-- --, 1926August 18,2000NC
Barbara Purvis-- --, 1940May 16,2000MA
C Sheila Purvis-- --, 1941June 24,1991NY
Dailey Purvis-- --, 1888October ,1981OK

Purvis Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Purvis-- --, 1919August 23,1996Maysville,NC
Fabiola Purvis-- --, 1897January ,1984Smithfield,RI
Gabriel Purvis-- --, 1903May 8,1998Purvis,MS
H Glenn Purvis-- --, 1927June 8,2001Traverse City,MI

Purvis Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andre PurvisPamela GuytonNovember 28,1995Wake, NC
Charles PurvisBecky DickinsonJuly 9,1976Wake, NC
David PurvisAmanda BurnetteApril 4,1992Wake, NC
Eric PurvisTonia LeachJune 10,1995Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Purvis

1862nd: Cheek1863rd: Trimble
1864th: Horvath1865th: Chu
1866th: Burk1867th: Thurston
1868th: Luke1869th: Jeffers
1870th: Bruner1871st: Moeller

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