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Quintana Genealogy & History

Quintana stems from the latin word quintus, denoting a fifth; the original name indicated a person who paid for the use of his land with one fifth of the harvest. The coat of arms is a red shield with three dice on it, the top face being five, the right six, and the left four. Quintana family history tells us that Pedro de Quintans migrated in 1512 to America and settled on San Juan Island in Washington State. Two members of the Quintana genealogy are poet and educator Leroy V. Quintana and architect and yachtsman Carlos Morales Quintana.

Quintana Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abdon Quintana-- --, 1890August 17,1990PR
Baldomero Quintana-- --, 1936January 23,2001FL
Caitlin Quintana-- --, 1999April 17,2000PA
Damon Quintana-- --, 1904January 15,1991CO

Quintana Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eberto Quintana-- --, 1928March 31,1998Miami,FL
Fabian Quintana-- --, 1993December 26,1993Fort Lauderdale,FL
Gabina Quintana-- --, 1906April ,1987Santa Monica,CA
Harry Quintana-- --, 1938February 16,2009Hyattsville,MD

Quintana Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Julio QuintanaJoyce ShufflerNovember 27,1982Wake, NC
William QuintanaNancy SotoSeptember 2,2005Tarrant, TX
Vicente QuintanaSharon EsparzaMay 26,2000Potter, TX
Thomas QuintanaCarlotta ClemonsMarch 10,1973Jones, TX

Most Common Surnames After Quintana

2392nd: Lyman2393rd: Bach
2394th: Dozier2395th: Jarrell
2396th: McCurdy2397th: Messina
2398th: Ferraro2399th: Lusk
2400th: Peoples2401st: Bellamy

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