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Read is a British surname with three primary origins. It might come from the Old English read, meaning red, and was likely used to refer to the red-haired Anglo-Saxon people. It could be locational from several places named Read, Reed, or Rede. Lastly it might be topographical, from the Old English ried, referring to someone living in a clearing. Read family history begins in 1016, when Leofwine se Reade was noted in the Old English Bynames for the county of Kent. Some well-known members of Read genealogy are founding father and Delaware Senator and Chief Justice George Read, Rear Admiral George C. Read, and pirate Mary Read.

Read Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Louis Read-- --, 1914May 4,1989LA
B Helen Read-- --, 1917July ,1989RI
Callie Read-- --, 1917September ,1982NH
D Eileen Read-- --, 1920July 10,1990NY

Read Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Virginia Read-- --, 1921November ,1982Decatur,MI
F Wilma Read-- --, 1925February 6,2010Dupont,IN
Gale Read-- --, 1941November 23,2005Willamina,OR
H Wayne Read-- --, 1916September 22,2001Hornbeck,LA

Read Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Brenden ReadElizabeth GourleyJune 16,1990Wake, NC
Daniel ReadMaria ManganoJuly 27,1985Wake, NC
Samuel ReadShirley AyersMarch 11,1952Wake, NC
Mory ReadSusan CroomOctober 29,1994Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Read

1461st: Mayes1462nd: Landis
1463rd: Tripp1464th: Lau
1465th: Herndon1466th: Ash
1467th: Bunch1468th: Hawley
1469th: Shipley1470th: Beal

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