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Reagan Genealogy & History

Reagan genealogy is Irish, though there are several unrelated strands in Irish history. The name comes from the Gaelic O�Riagain, which is derived from the word riodhgach, meaning impulsive. It was therefore originally a descriptive nickname for an impulsive person. There are Reagan family lines that originate in Meath and Dublin, as well as Counties Clare, Tipperary, and Leinster. The first recorded bearer of the name is Maurice O�Regan, who in 1125 wrote a history of the arrival of the Normans in Ireland. Reagan family history includes 40th US President Ronald Reagan, 20th-century football player Frank Reagan, and singer Lisa Reagan.

Reagan Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Noel Reagan-- --, 1919October 30,2006MO
B Lucile Reagan-- --, 1925February 12,2000WA
Callie Reagan-- --, 1890February ,1976OK
Daisy Reagan-- --, 1919October ,1983VA

Reagan Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ealver Reagan-- --, 1918April 27,2002Stockbridge,GA
F Stanley Reagan-- --, 1906March 7,2001Tucson,AZ
Gabrielle Reagan-- --, 1906February 27,2001Wichita,KS
H Earl Reagan-- --, 1921April 2,2005Arvada,CO

Reagan Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allan ReaganJanet StubbsJanuary 22,2001Williamson, TX
Billy ReaganWilma AllenApril 12,1981Wake, NC
Christopher ReaganBobbi MilsteadApril 29,2000Navarro, TX
Danny ReaganCarrie WhineryApril 1,2000Gray, TX

Most Common Surnames After Reagan

1818th: Rider1819th: Shook
1820th: Stallings1821st: Barth
1822nd: Douglass1823rd: St. John
1824th: Lovett1825th: Gruber
1826th: Rapp1827th: Corey

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