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Reardon Genealogy & History

Reardon stems from the medieval Irish Riordan or Gaelic O'Riordain, the O indicating posterity or heir. Riordain is derived from Rioghbhard, a compound name meaning royal and bard or poet. Some of the different spellings include O'Riordan, Riordan, Rearden, and O'Rearden. The family motto is for God and country. Reardon family history gives Dinis Reardon as the first recorded known spelling of the name in the Census Returns and Parish Registers in Barbados in 1678. Some members of the Reardon genealogy include baseball umpire John Edward (Beans) Reardon; classical and jazz harpist Casper Reardon; and motivational speaker, writer, filmmaker and free solo climber Michael Reardon.

Reardon Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Reardon-- --, 1882September 15,1967MA
Barbara Reardon-- --, 1946April 5,2005MA
C Harvey Reardon-- --, 1916January ,1985MA
Daisy Reardon-- --, 1876January ,1969CA

Reardon Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Reardon-- --, 1910June ,1970Miami,FL
Fanny Reardon-- --, 1892February ,1974Philadelphia,PA
Gage Reardon-- --, 1899January ,1976Collinsville,IL
Hannah Reardon-- --, 1898June ,1985Abington,MA

Reardon Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Derick ReardonHolly BowenMay 22,2004Wake, NC
Edwin ReardonWanda BassDecember 30,1991Wake, NC
Jospeh ReardonWanda DupreeMarch 25,1979Wake, NC
Michael ReardonStephanie SorrellFebruary 22,1997Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Reardon

1895th: Tierney1896th: Queen
1897th: Mulligan1898th: Salas
1899th: Zhang1900th: Michaud
1901st: Morrissey1902nd: Meek
1903rd: Blount1904th: Ali

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