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Reich Genealogy & History

Reich denotes an offspring of Rico, a pet name that has its roots in the German word riculf, meaning wolf-like and powerful. The family crest is a red rearing demi-lion. Some spellings include Riker, Reichle, Rycke, Rike, Reicker, Reicher, Reiche, Rike, and Reichers. Reich family history mentions Thomas Reich as the first known member of the family to migrate to America; he settled in New York in 1710. Some members of the Reich genealogy are classical music composer Stephen Michael (Steve) Reich; major league baseball player and manager Herman Charles Reich; and author, political economist, and Rhodes Scholar Robert Bernard Reich.

Reich Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Grace R.-- --, 1915September 20,1990AL
Banner R.-- --, 1901April ,1983NC
Calvin R.-- --, 1924May 4,2007MI
Daisy R.-- --, 1907August 3,1996NC

Reich Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl R.-- --, 1891July ,1978Deerfield,IL
Fannie R.-- --, 1898August ,1977Island Park,NY
Gabrielle R.-- --, 1903March 2,1996Kansas City,MO
Hanna R.-- --, 1880September ,1971New York,NY

Reich Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew R.Leslie WestberryFebruary 17,1990Wake, NC
Eldon R.Teresa FlynnOctober 16,2002Wake, NC
Franklin R.Nikita PierceJanuary 1,1980Wake, NC
Nathan R.Gertrude HorowitzMarch 10,1944Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Reich

1988th: Means1989th: Lombardo
1990th: Saylor1991st: Danielson
1992nd: Cordova1993rd: Hearn
1994th: McMahan1995th: Jernigan
1996th: Crenshaw1997th: Valencia

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