Renner Family History

Renner Genealogy & History

Renner family history suggests that the surname may be Anglo-Saxon for a messenger or courier, from Middle High German rennen (to run). It could also be from the Old Gaelic rannaire, the divider or the one who distributes portions of food to guests. Finally, Renner may be from the Old German Raginhari (ragin, counsel; plus hari, army). The first recorded spelling was Aluuinus Rennere in the Episcopal Register of Glasgow in 1134. Mary Rainer settled in Charles Town, South Carolina, in 1767. Some members of the Renner genealogy are American professional golfer Jack Renner; Canadian cross-country skier Sara Renner; and New Zealand athlete Peter Renner.

Renner Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron R.-- --, 1879April ,1971TX
Baldwin R.-- --, 1928July 28,2001NC
Callie R.-- --, 1922November 2,2007TN
Daisy R.-- --, 1932August 7,2008IN

Renner Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl R.-- --, 1901March ,1980Broomall,PA
Faithe R.-- --, 1899November ,1991Lubbock,TX
G Cleo R.-- --, 1923August 11,1994Ladoga,IN
H Dale R.-- --, 1924February 19,1988Walnut,IL

Renner Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
George R.Louise CarrollDecember 8,1950Wake, NC
Stephen R.Karen TennantJune 9,1966Wake, NC
Waylon R.Maryann NaylorFebruary 19,2001Wichita, TX
Normond R.Paulene SchriverOctober 8,1994Nueces, TX

Most Common Surnames After Renner

1975th: Bartholomew1976th: Mercado
1977th: Heck1978th: Cervantes
1979th: Velez1980th: Bock
1981st: Fine1982nd: Wendt
1983rd: Condon1984th: Hogue

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