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Richard is a German and English name from the Old German Ricard or Richard, composed of ric, meaning power, and hard, which means brave, strong, or hardy. It is generally translated as "powerful ruler", which does not exactly match the literal meaning but does make more sense. It was present in England already when the Normans came and spread afterwards, particularly as Ricard. Richard family history starts with Thomas Richardes, recorded in Worcestershire's Subsidy Rolls in 1327. Richard genealogy includes many notable people, such as Marine General Ronald Richard, Army General Virgil Richard, and San Diego Padres pitcher Clayton Richard.

Richard Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Brown Richard-- --, 1927February 19,2004LA
B Eleanor Richard-- --, 1917February 1,2003OH
C Daniel Richard-- --, 1923July 9,1996PA
D Janette Richard-- --, 1939July ,1986MS

Richard Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Georgian Richard-- --, 1939March 12,2010Oreana,IL
Fabula Richard-- --, 1917December 11,2009Scott,LA
Gabriel Richard-- --, 1941October 1,2007Jackson,LA
Hadley Richard-- --, 1892August ,1966Mayfield,KY

Richard Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Benjamin RichardCatherine DarbyDecember 18,1967Wake, NC
Philip RichardTeresa JohnsonFebruary 8,1979Wake, NC
Steven RichardMary GiddensMay 27,1989Wake, NC
Vincent RichardCelia BreretonMay 12,2001Dallas, TX

Most Common Surnames After Richard

564th: Barr565th: Reilly
566th: Snow567th: Mayer
568th: Beard569th: Harrell
570th: Jimenez571st: Howe
572nd: Herrera573rd: Russo

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