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Richey Genealogy & History

Richey has its roots in the Old French word richard, a combination of ric and hard, meaning powerful and hardy. The Richeys were a central branch of the aristocratic families of France. Their ancestral seat was in Maine, Breil, France. Some spellings include Richers, Reacher, Rickers, and Richer; the name was eventually anglicized to Richie. The family motto is honor is acquired by virtue. Richey family history mentions Susan Richey migrating in 1716 and settling in Virginia. Some members in Richey genealogy include fashion designer, author, actress, singer Nicole Camille Richie; author and Japanese culture specialist Donald Richie; and media personality, singer, comedian, and actor Shane Richie.

Richey Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ab Richey-- --, 1901January ,1980LA
Bannie Richey-- --, 1896May ,1985SC
Callie Richey-- --, 1910October ,1981OH
Daisy Richey-- --, 1890May ,1977IN

Richey Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Richey-- --, 1929March 24,2008Warner Robins,GA
F Thomas Richey-- --, 1924March 14,1996San Anselmo,CA
Gabrielle Richey-- --, 1926January 13,2007Albuquerque,NM
H Ross Richey-- --, 1921July 21,2004Mechanicsburg,PA

Richey Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alex RicheyJoan JohnsonAugust 13,1966Wake, NC
Edmond RicheyMaria VazquezSeptember 28,2001Harris, TX
Robert RicheyGail SchochFebruary 7,1987Wake, NC
Herman RicheyPamela EvansFebruary 12,2004Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Richey

1625th: Steinberg1626th: Rizzo
1627th: Shultz1628th: Crandall
1629th: Laughlin1630th: Capps
1631st: Delong1632nd: Fuentes
1633rd: Pederson1634th: Doran

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