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Rider Genealogy & History

Rider genealogy is typically English or German. There are two related origins for the name, one older than the other. Originally, it was an occupational surname for a mounted warrior or knight, the word deriving from the ancient Germanic word ridan, meaning to ride. Once knight became the title for a mounted warrior, rider came to be associated with a messenger, the other common job that involved riding a horse. One Rider family crest shows a log on a shield of blue and white. Rider family history in the New World begins as early as the seventeenth century with settlers in New England, Virginia, and Barbados.

Rider Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Warren Rider-- --, 1918May 9,2007PA
Barbara Rider-- --, 1916April 16,2008NY
Callie Rider-- --, 1897January ,1982NY
D Joyce Rider-- --, 1932May 27,2004KS

Rider Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Eleanor Rider-- --, 1916September 19,2006Voluntown,CT
Fae Rider-- --, 1932February 8,2008Las Vegas,NV
Gabrielle Rider-- --, 1908November ,1970Lowell,MA
H Kenneth Rider-- --, 1893September ,1971Ann Arbor,MI

Rider Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dale RiderCarol HumphriesFebruary 27,2003Wake, NC
Frank RiderJo LawhonJanuary 5,1973Wake, NC
Harold RiderDorothy CrouseApril 3,1946Wake, NC
Robert RiderLisa BoughtonJune 11,1977Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Rider

1819th: Shook1820th: Stallings
1821st: Barth1822nd: Douglass
1823rd: St. John1824th: Lovett
1825th: Gruber1826th: Rapp
1827th: Corey1828th: Power

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