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Riley Genealogy & History

Riley is an Anglo-Irish surname that is locational in the former case, patronymic for the latter. In England it comes from many towns and villages named Riley, from the Old English rygh-leah, meaning rye farm, or possibly reed farm. In Ireland it can come from the same source but generally is from the Old Gaelic O'Raghailligh, meaning son of Raghallach, a given name with unknown meaning. Riley family history comes into the books with John de Ryeley, entered in Wakefield Manor's Court Rolls in 1284. Riley genealogy boasts of several famous people, like former Alabama Governor Bob Riley, British Lieutenant-General Jonathon Riley, and Australian Olympic swimmer Samantha Riley.

Riley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Benoist Riley-- --, 1912September ,1977MO
B Eugene Riley-- --, 1964November 15,1999CA
Catherine Riley-- --, 1943March 1,2010AL
D Freeman Riley-- --, 1942December ,1980AR

Riley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Maureen Riley-- --, 1933October 15,2001York,PA
F Robert Riley-- --, 1930October 24,2006Burlington,VT
G E Beth Riley-- --, 1918February 26,1987Dallas,TX
H Bruce Riley-- --, 1930July 11,2003New Berlin,NY

Riley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dessie RileyAnnie ParrishFebruary 1,1945Wake, NC
Ed RileyNannie RileyJuly 29,1944Wake, NC
Milton RileyAnnie HollandOctober 10,1931Wake, NC
Ira RileyPauline WilkinsJanuary 14,1938Wake, NC

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194th: Lynch195th: Nguyen
196th: Schultz197th: Grant
198th: Kim199th: Jacobs
200th: Perkins201st: Matthews

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