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Rivera Genealogy & History

Rivera is primarily a Spanish surname, though it comes from Sicily. Rivera is Castillian for riverbank, from the Sicilian ribera, which in turn derives from the Latin ripa, also meaning a riverbank or possibly a plateau near a river; there may also have been places named for those sites, making Rivera a locational and topographical surname. Rivera family history reaches the United States with the emigration of Jacob Rodrigues Rivera to New York City in 1746. Rivera genealogy includes many notable people, such as Florida Representative David Rivera, Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera, and journalist Geraldo Rivera.

Rivera Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Oscar Rivera-- --, 1907April 21,1995PR
Bacilia Rivera-- --, 1905May 16,1996TX
Carmen Rivera-- --, 1944July 23,2010PR
Dagoberto Rivera-- --, 1909August 13,1994FL

Rivera Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earlene Rivera-- --, 1938January ,1978Brooklyn,NY
Fabian Rivera-- --, 1906September ,1984San Juan,PR
Gabina Rivera-- --, 1911April 13,1988San Juan,PR
H Samuel Rivera-- --, 1946July 15,2003Irwin,PA

Rivera Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ernesto RiveraInaudys CastilloMarch 6,1999Wake, NC
Raymond RiveraChristine ZastrowMay 3,1972Wake, NC
Troy RiveraKaren WhiteJanuary 10,1998Wake, NC
Luis RiveraPatricia GoodeNovember 24,2001Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Rivera

245th: Little246th: Flores
247th: Powers248th: Brewer
249th: McCoy250th: Leonard
251st: Hopkins252nd: Sims
253rd: McCarthy254th: Lucas

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