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Rizzo Genealogy & History

Rizzo is a prominent Italian name stemming from the old Italian word ricco, meaning curly. Some of the varioius spellings include Riccelli, Rizzillio, Ricca, Rizzotto, Lo Riccio, Lorizzo, and La Rizza. Rizzo family history tells us that before 1860, Italy did not keep good records, so the first known recording of the name is Giovanni Ricci in 1545 in Pontelandol, Siena, Italy. In 1829 Louis Rizzo migrated to America and settled in New Orleans, Louisiana. Some members of Rizzo genealogy are restaurateur Frank Sinatra friend Jilly Rizzo; Sly & the Family Stone saxophonist Pat Rizzo; NASCAR driver Rob Rizzo; and professional wrestler Alex Rizzo.

Rizzo Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ada Rizzo-- --, 1898April 27,2001AR
Bambina Rizzo-- --, 1909March 4,1990NY
Callie Rizzo-- --, 1923December 16,2001TX
Daisy Rizzo-- --, 1909January 6,2007NY

Rizzo Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Rizzo-- --, 1965April 21,2009Cleveland,OH
Fabio Rizzo-- --, 1923August 13,1997Johnston,RI
Gabriel Rizzo-- --, 1914April 3,2005Brentwood,CA
Hannah Rizzo-- --, 1933June ,1985Centereach,NY

Rizzo Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony RizzoDiana AdamsAugust 12,2000Collin, TX
Brandon RizzoJennifer BuzzardApril 9,2007Wake, NC
Christopher RizzoAmanda SuydamJune 9,2001Harris, TX
David RizzoStephanie DoodyJune 22,2004Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Rizzo

1627th: Shultz1628th: Crandall
1629th: Laughlin1630th: Capps
1631st: Delong1632nd: Fuentes
1633rd: Pederson1634th: Doran
1635th: Sapp1636th: Michel

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