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Roach is originally a French surname from the word roche, used to describe someone living near a rocky crag or les Roches in Normandy. Like many French things, it was brought over to England in the Norman Invasion and took deep roots there, being used to name various towns and families, including one in Cork County. Roach family history starts with John de Roches, noted in the Domesday Book of Bedfordshire in 1086. Roach genealogy lays claim to several well-known people, like director and producer Hal Roach, award-winning drummer Max Roach, and Roche's limit namesake French astronomer Eduard Roche.

Roach Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Lucille Roach-- --, 1916April 24,1996KS
Bailey Roach-- --, 1897July ,1969WV
C Robert Roach-- --, 1915September 29,2002WV
Daisey Roach-- --, 1901October 1,1997TX

Roach Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Emory Roach-- --, 1924May 19,2010Savannah,GA
F Joseph Roach-- --, 1926September 23,1993Ocean City,NJ
G Martin Roach-- --, 1922August 20,2008Hartford,CT
H Keith Roach-- --, 1946March 26,1988Huntington,WV

Roach Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Donnell RoachInita BurkettJune 1,1990Wake, NC
John RoachMargaret FoleyJune 29,1951Wake, NC
Thomas RoachAndrea RiggioSeptember 27,1965Wake, NC
Samuel RoachBrenda HartsfieldJuly 1,1989Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Roach

643rd: Solomon644th: Frost
645th: Kemp646th: Leblanc
647th: McConnell648th: Brandt
649th: Beasley650th: Duffy
651st: Glass652nd: Hebert

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