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Roark Genealogy & History

Roark is a Scottish patronymic surname, also spelled Rourke or O�Rourke, from the Gaelic personal name Ruiarc, in turn from the Old Norse Hrothekr, which means famous king. The clan lived mostly in the area of Breffny, which is now the counties of Cavan and West Leitrim. Roark family history starts in 1172, when Prince Tiernan O�Rourke of Breffny was recorded as being killed in battle. Roark genealogy includes USS Roark namesake fighter pilot William Roark and author Garland Roark.

Roark Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Roark-- --, 1894October ,1981NC
Baker Roark-- --, 1920June 29,2004VA
C Hamilton Roark-- --, 1915November 8,2008AR
Daely Roark-- --, 1896December ,1967KY

Roark Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Roark-- --, 1896December ,1973Kewanee,IL
Fae Roark-- --, 1910September 16,1995Jena,LA
Gabbard Roark-- --, 1938October 21,1993Warbranch,KY
H Joann Roark-- --, 1934February ,1987Halethorpe,MD

Roark Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dawson RoarkLea DavisMay 3,2002Wake, NC
Larry RoarkEdith HumphreysNovember 27,1964Wake, NC
Timothy RoarkElizabeth WonderlingDecember 11,2001Wake, NC
Matthew RoarkHolly ReganNovember 11,2000Angelina, TX

Most Common Surnames After Roark

2245th: Bollinger2246th: Addison
2247th: Westfall2248th: Parham
2249th: Elias2250th: Lundy
2251st: Hacker2252nd: Will
2253rd: Bourgeois2254th: Franz

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