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Roberson Genealogy & History

Roberson is a Scottish surname that originated with descendents of the ancient Pictish clans. This surname is derived from the given name Robert, which comes from the Old German words "hroth", which means fame, and "berht", which means bright. It later also became the Old French Rodbert and was introduced into England during the Norman Invasion of 1066. Roberson family history shows that this name is also found in Ireland and the United States, particularly in Wyoming. Roberson genealogy includes alternate spellings of Robson, Robeson, and Robyson. The Roberson family motto is "Justu esto et non metue," which means "Be just and fear not."

Roberson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A D Roberson-- --, 1927March 20,2001LA
Babe Ruth Roberson-- --, 1927March 1,2009TN
C Geraldin Roberson-- --, 1929December ,1980DC
D Susan Roberson-- --, 1924September ,1998MA

Roberson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jerry G Roberson-- --, 1920March 19,1991Toledo,OR
F Pauline Roberson-- --, 1931November 3,2006Cookeville,TN
Gabe Roberson-- --, 1904May ,1993Williamston,NC
Hazel Roberson-- --, 1951February 15,2010Cincinnati,OH

Roberson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bob RobersonAnnie BriggsMay 1,1954Wake, NC
Coy RobersonHelen SumnerOctober 24,1935Wake, NC
Daniel RobersonSandra KearneyJune 17,1967Wake, NC
Elton RobersonPatricia GriswoldJuly 8,1995Wake, NC

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608th: Peck609th: Castro
610th: Goldstein611th: Chang
612th: Wiley613th: Shannon
614th: Stafford615th: Kaplan

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