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Robinson Genealogy & History

Robinson is an English patronymic surname that means "son of Robin". Robin is itself a diminutive, and names like Robison and Robeson are different spellings of the same last name. Famous people included in Robinson family history are Jackie Robinson, the first black Major League Baseball player; Mary Robinson, the first female president of Ireland; and the current First Lady, Michelle Obama (n�e Robinson). Of course, given their disparate origins, Robinson genealogy cannot group these individuals in the same tree?it is not an uncommon name, ranking in the top twenty in the United States.

Robinson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Arvin Robinson-- --, 1969November 30,1993CA
B Arthur Robinson-- --, 1914June 22,1994NH
C Bernard Robinson-- --, 1918November ,1986NC
D Bruce Robinson-- --, 1927May 16,2005IL

Robinson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Evelyn Robinson-- --, 1961July 28,1994Brooklyn,NY
F Albert Robinson-- --, 1918October 21,2008Winchester,VA
Gail Robinson-- --, 1954March 16,1988Washingtonville,NY
H Alan Robinson-- --, 1921July 12,1999Hilton Head Island,SC

Robinson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charlie RobinsonK WescottNovember 4,1938Wake, NC
Ed RobinsonNora CottenNovember 28,1937Wake, NC
Frank RobinsonViolet RayDecember 24,1935Wake, NC
Lawrence RobinsonTullie GreenSeptember 30,1935Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Robinson

28th: Baker29th: Wright
30th: Adams31st: Hill
32nd: Scott33rd: Roberts
34th: Campbell35th: Green
36th: Phillips37th: Mitchell

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