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Robison Genealogy & History

Robison is an English patronymic surname, formed partially as a diminutive of the Old German Hrodbert, which itself developed into Robert. Hrodbert is a compound word, from hrod, which means renown, and behrt, meaning bright or famous. Robison can also be spelled Robeson, and there were more variations in the beginning of Robison family history: Richard Robson and Thomas Robyson were noted in the Poll Tax rolls of Yorkshire in 1379. Robison genealogy boasts many illustrious people, such as athlete, activist, and singer Paul Robeson; Vikings defensive end Brian Robison; and Union General and Grant Navy Secretary George Robeson.

Robison Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Doyle Robison-- --, 1929October 28,2007TX
Bannaster Robison-- --, 1900October ,1984CA
C Wendell Robison-- --, 1929August 9,2010OK
D Duane Robison-- --, 1924November 8,1992MI

Robison Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Camille Robison-- --, 1920February 28,2001Overland Park,KS
F Duane Robison-- --, 1924November 22,2009Riverton,UT
G Thomas Robison-- --, 1916March 2,2005Princeton,IN
H Hunter Robison-- --, 1926July 25,1996Hagerstown,MD

Robison Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony RobisonRhonda GayDecember 1,1979Wake, NC
Clyde RobisonSarah BoyntonOctober 11,1975Wake, NC
Lawrence RobisonJoni CarterAugust 7,1976Wake, NC
Michael RobisonCarla StephensonJanuary 25,1979Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Robison

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1110th: Maher1111th: Crabtree
1112th: Trujillo1113th: Pollock
1114th: Coffman1115th: Goss
1116th: Beatty1117th: McManus

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