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Rock Genealogy & History

Rock is an English surname derived from Middle English rokke, meaning rock, signifying someone living near a notable boulder or one of the villages called Rock in Devon, Northumberland, and Worcestershire. Alternative derivations are from Middle English rok meaning distaff for a wool-spinner, from atter-oke meaning oak tree, or from Middle German rok meaning skirt for a tailor. Spelling variations in Rock genealogy include Roake, Roch, Rocke, Rocker, Rokes, Rooker, Roque, Rucker, and Wrocks. Rock family history began in feudal times in Worcestershire and in 1636 in Virginia. The Rock coat of arms contains three black chess rooks signifying protection and a green shamrock signifying longevity.

Rock Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Dorothy Rock-- --, 1924August 2,2008OH
Barbara Rock-- --, 1917July 30,2004ME
C Carroll Rock-- --, 1917January 28,2006NY
D Natalie Rock-- --, 1915June 15,2000MI

Rock Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Marie Rock-- --, 1915April 10,1997Waynesboro,PA
Fabiola Rock-- --, 1893July ,1967Saco,ME
Gail Rock-- --, 1943September 1,2004Florissant,MO
Hallie Rock-- --, 1919June ,1986Arlington,VA

Rock Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Christopher RockRebekah ArceJanuary 1,2000Dallas, TX
David RockMinnie StallingsMarch 27,1937Wake, NC
Ronald RockLois DickensAugust 14,1971Wake, NC
Stephen RockBetty DavisApril 21,1979Wake, NC

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1561st: Burrell1562nd: Roche
1563rd: Aguirre1564th: Michaels
1565th: Langford1566th: Dobson

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