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Cassidy, a famous Irish name anglicized from the Gaelic O'Caiside, means descendant of Caiside, derived from the nickname cas, meaning curly-haired. Cassidy family history began with a feudal manor in Ulster in Fermanagh with purported descent from King Colla da Crioch, 4th-century Irish King. Renowned for their education, many Cassidys became authors, priests, and physicians to the Kings of Ulster. The family motto, frangas non flectes, means thou may'st break but shall not bend me; the Cassidy family is known for long-standing opposition to British rule. Cassidy genealogy in America began in the early 1800s; Dr. Patrick Cassidy was one of America's first surgeons.

Roman Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Roman-- --, 1919June 28,1989WA
Balbino Roman-- --, 1906September ,1974NJ
Cacio Roman-- --, 1937March 26,2007IL
D Louis Roman-- --, 1929March 15,1995PR

Roman Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Roman-- --, 1942February 12,2005West Middlesex,PA
Facundo Roman-- --, 1923October 25,2003Orlando,FL
Gabina Roman-- --, 1911June 30,1997Manati,PR
Hama Roman-- --, 1932October 19,1994Olivehurst,CA

Roman Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew RomanAnn KrierJune 18,1983Wake, NC
Daymond RomanCelina FloresAugust 15,2000Elpaso, TX
Eduardo RomanMartha SotoJanuary 24,2000Elpaso, TX
Felipe RomanEsmeralda ArzolaDecember 2,2000Travis, TX

Most Common Surnames After Roman

1029th: Shafer1030th: Downey
1031st: Gleason1032nd: Thomson
1033rd: Cassidy1034th: Cash
1035th: Hopper1036th: Dempsey
1037th: Dominguez1038th: Locke

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