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Rooney Genealogy & History

Rooney stems from the medieval Gaelic word O'Ruanaidh, indicating descent from defenders, that is, the leader of the clan. The family home is in Dromore in Down County, Ireland. Some different spellings of the name include Roony, Rownoe, Roonay, Roney, and O'Rooney. Rooney family history has Ceallach O'Rooney (main poet of Ireland) in 1079 as the first recording of the name. The family was known for its many poets, among whom were John Jerome Rooney, William Roony, and Eoin O'Rooney. Some members of Rooney genealogy are volleyball player Sean Rooney; businessman J. (John) Patrick Rooney: Holy See Ambassador Francis Rooney; and 2004 Olympics gold medalist swimmer Giaan Rooney.

Rooney Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbie Rooney-- --, 1908December ,1980MA
Barbara Rooney-- --, 1929February 20,1999MA
Calder Rooney-- --, 1938July 24,2006MA
D Verna Rooney-- --, 1926April 25,2009CA

Rooney Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Rooney-- --, 1909February ,1977New Haven,CT
F Patricia Rooney-- --, 1917October 17,1990Rochester,NY
Gabrielle Rooney-- --, 1916February 9,1997Triangle,VA
Hannah Rooney-- --, 1923August 13,2006Belford,NJ

Rooney Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dan RooneyLangley DixonOctober 25,1975Wake, NC
Michael RooneyBarbara MatthewsOctober 21,1967Wake, NC
Kevin RooneyKimberley MccordNovember 11,2006Wake, NC
Hugh RooneyCharlotte SavageOctober 16,1980Bexar, TX

Most Common Surnames After Rooney

1624th: Richey1625th: Steinberg
1626th: Rizzo1627th: Shultz
1628th: Crandall1629th: Laughlin
1630th: Capps1631st: Delong
1632nd: Fuentes1633rd: Pederson

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