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Rowan Genealogy & History

Rowan stems from the Old Gaelic O'Ruadhain, meaning a descendant of Ruadhan, ruadh denoting red. The family coat of arms is a shield with six lines intersecting at the center, the sections alternating in black and gold. Rowan family history tells that the first known recording of the name is Felix O'Ruadhain, the Archbishop of Tuam, Galway, Ireland, in 1215. Some members of the Rowan genealogy are bluegrass musician, yodeler, and composer Peter Rowan and naturalist and illustrator Marrion Ellis Rowan.

Rowan Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Rowan-- --, 1979April 13,2010CA
Barbara Rowan-- --, 1916February 17,2004MA
Calla Rowan-- --, 1906April ,1975OR
Daisy Rowan-- --, 1892January ,1974KY

Rowan Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Arthur Rowan-- --, 1913January 22,2001Quakertown,PA
Fairy Rowan-- --, 1917March 18,2000Lebanon,OH
Gail Rowan-- --, 1918January 25,1996Columbus,OH
H Walter Rowan-- --, 1921June 13,1995Wallingford,PA

Rowan Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adair RowanAngela MacdonaldAugust 8,2003Harris, TX
Christopher RowanBrittany BradenDecember 20,2003Mclennan, TX
David RowanAmanda BullJune 22,2001Denton, TX
Gregory RowanJenifer SkinnerJune 3,2006Dallas, TX

Most Common Surnames After Rowan

2082nd: Spear2083rd: Keys
2084th: Cheney2085th: Driver
2086th: De Marco2087th: Greenfield
2088th: Parrott2089th: Hein
2090th: Churchill2091st: Akins

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