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Rowell Genealogy & History

Rowell is an English locational surname, from the villages of Rowell in Devonshire and Rothwell in Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, and Yorkshire. The first comes from the Old English ruh, meaning rough or overgrown, and hill, for hill. Rothwell comes from the Old English roth, meaning a clearing, and wella, for a spring or stream. Rowell family history begins with Letitia de Rowelle, who was noted in the Hundred Rolls of Bedfordshire in 1273. Notable members of Rowell genealogy include actress and dancer Victoria Rowell, South Australian Senator James Rowell, agricultural inventor and pioneer manufacturer John Rowell, and Japanese constitutionalist John Rowell.

Rowell Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Kirk Rowell-- --, 1919June 6,2008CT
Barbara Rowell-- --, 1938January 11,2003PA
C Harles Rowell-- --, 1906October 3,1988NJ
D Mack Rowell-- --, 1920October 15,1992SC

Rowell Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Richard Rowell-- --, 1924April 1,2004Barrington,NH
Fana Rowell-- --, 1912August 12,1996Muscle Shoals,AL
G Evelyn Rowell-- --, 1915September 10,2006Lake Wales,FL
Haleigh Rowell-- --, 2002September 6,2002Florence,AL

Rowell Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron RowellGwendolyn JonesOctober 26,2001Bell, TX
Benjamin RowellCynthia CarnesJune 24,2000Collin, TX
Carl RowellMary SuggNovember 27,1947Wake, NC
Donald RowellLaura WulfFebruary 12,2000Hopkins, TX

Most Common Surnames After Rowell

1933rd: Borden1934th: Leone
1935th: Hope1936th: Rodriquez
1937th: Holm1938th: Wagoner
1939th: Grubbs1940th: Conn
1941st: Cottrell1942nd: Lay

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