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Rowley Genealogy & History

Rowley is an English locational surname from several villages named such in Staffordshire, Yorkshire, and various other parts of England, though originally the spellings varied considerably. All the village names come from the Old English ruh, meaning rough or overgrown, and leah, for sparse forest or a clearing in the woods, combining for a woody meadow or some such. Rowley family history starts in 1219, when William de Ruelay was noted as a witness in the Assize Court Rolls of Yorkshire. Notable members of Rowley genealogy include award-winning geneticist Janet Rowley, Union General Thomas Rowley, and British Admiral William Rowley.

Rowley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Stewart Rowley-- --, 1916January 3,1996PA
B Agatha Rowley-- --, 1933March 13,2000OR
C Blake Rowley-- --, 1920December 16,2003FL
Daisy Rowley-- --, 1908January ,1978UT

Rowley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Ruth Rowley-- --, 1922July 26,1999Coffeen,IL
F Patrick Rowley-- --, 1924February 27,2004Fort Stockton,TX
G Monica Rowley-- --, 1907December 26,2001Colwich,KS
H Jean Rowley-- --, 1927April 22,2010Madison,WI

Rowley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bruce RowleyVirginia RushingDecember 4,2001Hays, TX
Colby RowleyJessica WestphalJuly 10,2000Wheeler, TX
David RowleyCatina EdwardsOctober 5,1996Wake, NC
George RowleyCarol OrmeMarch 19,1949Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Rowley

1929th: Humphreys1930th: Barrow
1931st: Hutson1932nd: Rowell
1933rd: Borden1934th: Leone
1935th: Hope1936th: Rodriquez
1937th: Holm1938th: Wagoner

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