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Rudolph Genealogy & History

Though also found in other countries, Rudolph is largely a German name. It originated in the old German personal name Hrodwulf, composed of the words hrod, meaning renowned, and wulf, literally meaning wolf but perhaps also referring to a particular person. The origins of Rudolph family history are somewhat cloudy, though a Johan Rudolfi (an alternate spelling) of Hamburg, Germany, is recorded in 1252; early Rudolphs were also found in Saxony. Rudolph genealogy includes the influential and award-winning architect Paul Marvin Rudolph, who designed buildings such as the Yale Art and Architecture Building and the Orange Country Government Center.

Rudolph Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Arthur Rudolph-- --, 1929November 8,2009ID
Bama Rudolph-- --, 1913October 17,2009AL
Callie Rudolph-- --, 1931January ,1985AL
Dagny Rudolph-- --, 1898September ,1980NY

Rudolph Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E George Rudolph-- --, 1920May 18,1997Laramie,WY
Faber Rudolph-- --, 1906April ,1977Loretto,PA
Gabe Rudolph-- --, 1914November ,1981Selma,AL
Hanna Rudolph-- --, 1925January 9,2001Rochester,MI

Rudolph Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Eric RudolphColleen MccartyMarch 11,2000Hamilton, TX
Irving RudolphJean JerniganJune 3,1950Wake, NC
Kenneth RudolphShirley HagerOctober 17,1972Wake, NC
John RudolphMildred JonesJuly 1,1976Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Rudolph

1484th: Duvall1485th: Ramey
1486th: Wiseman1487th: Carlisle
1488th: Corcoran1489th: Amos
1490th: Farr1491st: Lanier
1492nd: Nowak1493rd: Laird

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