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Rutherford Genealogy & History

Rutherford is a Scottish name from the borderlands, where their Roxburghshire feudal estate was called the lands of Rutherford. Rutherford is derived from Old English hryther and forder, meaning cattle crossing, with spelling variations Riddiford, Rotherforth, Ruddiforth, Rudford, and Rutterford. English branches in Rutherford genealogy are from Northern England, or perhaps from a North Yorkshire medieval village Ruddiford. The family motto nec sorte nec fato means neither by chance nor destiny, and Rutherford family history includes knights Gregory and Nicholas de Rutherford. English Nobel Prize winner Sir Ernest Rutherford is known as the father of nuclear physics; Richard Rutherford was the first American immigrant in 1636 in Virginia.

Rutherford Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Alison Rutherford-- --, 1913April 12,1992NJ
B Gaye Rutherford-- --, 1927June 22,2003OH
Callie Rutherford-- --, 1900January ,1986TN
Daisie Rutherford-- --, 1900September ,1984PA

Rutherford Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Rutherford-- --, 1918January ,1984Trenton,NJ
Fairy Rutherford-- --, 1916March 1,1999Mobile,AL
Gaery Rutherford-- --, 1920April 21,2009Twisp,WA
H Ford Rutherford-- --, 1923May 5,1988Orlando,FL

Rutherford Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy RutherfordClaudette SnellingDecember 21,1974Wake, NC
Gordon RutherfordTeresa GloverMay 29,1982Wake, NC
Henry RutherfordElizabeht PriceJune 20,1955Wake, NC
Richard RutherfordLynda LittleJanuary 1,1980Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Rutherford

1045th: Simons1046th: Hilton
1047th: Rivers1048th: Wu
1049th: Wills1050th: Emery
1051st: Branch1052nd: Wolff
1053rd: Arthur1054th: Hagen

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