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Sadler Genealogy & History

Sadler means a person who made or sold saddles, harnesses, and other riding tools for horses. Much of the surname's popularity can be attributed to the central role of horses in the seventh century and beyond. Sadler family history notes the first written record of the name with Simon la Sadelere in the Hundred Rolls of Essex in 1299. Alternate spellings of the name include Sadler, Sadlar, Sadleigh, Sadlier, and Sadleir. Sadler genealogy lays claim to 19th-century Nevada Governor Reinhold Sadler, landscape painter William Sadler, chess grandmaster Matthew Sadler, and 17th-century Roman Catholic missionary Thomas Vincent Faustus Sadler. Sadler, Texas, had a population of 444 in 2009.

Sadler Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Marie Sadler-- --, 1918December 26,2000MA
B Barbara Sadler-- --, 1920March ,1986MI
C Boone Sadler-- --, 1914October 5,2006CA
Daisy Sadler-- --, 1917January 30,1992PA

Sadler Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lloyd Sadler-- --, 1913September 25,1989Pylesville,MD
F Dodd Sadler-- --, 1929September 1,1997Chicago,IL
Gary Sadler-- --, 1955October 11,1993Yonkers,NY
H Darwin Sadler-- --, 1912November 18,1992Mechanicsburg,PA

Sadler Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bobby SadlerJean DeanMay 23,1980Wake, NC
Daniel SadlerLaurie BirdMay 20,2000Harris, TX
Edward SadlerBeverly MurrayMarch 30,1984Wake, NC
Marion SadlerLeona BrysonFebruary 28,1939Wake, NC

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