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Sandoval Genealogy & History

Sandoval is a Portuguese and Spanish last name that also occurs in Latin and Central America. It comes from the town of Sandoval in Burgos, which was originally called Sannoval. The name comes from the Latin saltus, for grove or forest, and novalis, which means newly cleared land, indicating that the village was built on the land occupied by a forest and likely constructed from the resulting wood as well. Sandoval family history came to the New World when Gonzalo de Sandoval sailed to America in 1516. Sandoval genealogy includes several noteworthy people, like Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval, and 1960s Guatemala President Vicente Sandoval.

Sandoval Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aurelio Sandoval-- --, 1933March 1,1991NM
Bacillo Sandoval-- --, 1943June 4,2008CA
Caesar Sandoval-- --, 1911July ,1987IL
Daisy Sandoval-- --, 1925May ,1998NM

Sandoval Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earline Sandoval-- --, 1917February 11,1994Chico,CA
Fabian Sandoval-- --, 1988May 26,2005Odessa,TX
Gabino Sandoval-- --, 1939January 22,2008Chula Vista,CA
Harmon Sandoval-- --, 1965December 2,2003Santo Domingo Pueblo,NM

Sandoval Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Jesse SandovalJoanne KalasOctober 20,1969Wake, NC
Reginald SandovalCarolyn HaynesJuly 8,1971Wake, NC
Salvador SandovalNorma ReyesSeptember 8,2000Hidalgo, TX
Timothy SandovalJennifer RangelSeptember 26,1999Bexar, TX

Most Common Surnames After Sandoval

918th: Starr919th: Carver
920th: Greenberg921st: Dwyer
922nd: Bolton923rd: Le
924th: Mayo925th: Ferrell
926th: Yoder927th: Dolan

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