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Sands Genealogy & History

Sands is an English and Scottish name with several possible origins. First, it could be a diminutive for the personal name Alexander or Sander. Second, it could be a topographical name given to people who lived near sandy soil, from the Old English sand (and Old High German sant and Old Norse sande). Finally, it could be a locational name given to people who lived in the town Sands in Fife. Sands family history is first recorded with William de Saudes (an alternate spelling), who lived in Surrey in 1205; early Sands were also found in Lancashire. Sands genealogy includes the award-winning author Lynsay Sands.

Sands Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Patricia Sands-- --, 1928July 25,2003PA
Barbara Sands-- --, 1928May 15,2006NY
Callie Sands-- --, 1898June ,1984FL
Dagny Sands-- --, 1882July ,1980CA

Sands Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Stewart Sands-- --, 1912November ,1985Reading,PA
F Louise Sands-- --, 1917November 20,1990Marshfield,MA
G Dewey Sands-- --, 1924December 19,1989Moline,IL
H Anne Sands-- --, 1931July 18,2003Lynn,MA

Sands Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron SandsJulie DowJanuary 15,2000Tarrant, TX
Bruce SandsCmily ByrdDecember 23,1978Wake, NC
Christopher SandsJennifer BurnsAugust 4,2001Harris, TX
Darrell SandsRobin HiteMay 6,2000Dallas, TX

Most Common Surnames After Sands

1595th: Darling1596th: Moseley
1597th: Cabrera1598th: Dietrich
1599th: Fagan1600th: Hurt
1601st: Betts1602nd: Kiser
1603rd: Street1604th: Christie

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